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Bring Your Own Device.

Empowering and liberating your employees

Bring Your Own Device.

Appurity is a specialist in the design and deployment of choose-your-own (CYOD), bring-your-own-device policies (BYOD) and respective acceptable use policies (AUP). Our service covers all aspects of enabling and managing consumerisation, including the use of personal apps in the workplace. These days, it’s a broad area covered by the term BYOx.

By definition, BYOD or "consumerisation" initiatives covers a multitude of devices and platforms:

  • Devices include both iOS and Android.
  • Operating systems include all platforms - iOS, Android, macOS and Windows 10.
  • Management and security solutions such as MobileIron, eMail+, Android Enterprise, KNOX and BlackBerry Dynamics containers.

We already have extensive experience of working with the BlackBerry UEM and MobileIron, supporting BYOD, COBO and COPE environments.

Acceptable Use Policies

Appurity designs and develops existing AUP specifically for mobility and BYOD. We liaise between HR and IT to define the new policy both for corporate and BYOD devices. This includes “who owns the app?” on personal devices used for work, as well as “who owns the telephone number”. These are key considerations when someone leaves the organisation.

Managing multiple devices

If you have multiple devices and operating systems demanding connections from your network, you need to get it all under control and working for you. It means asking your team to allow you a level of control over their personal devices. But if they want to use them, you have to have some rules in place.

We're a MobileIron® partner and a BlackBerry Platinum Enterprise Partner. We're also part of the Apple Consultants Network and Samsung Enterprise Alliance Partners. So we can guide you to an integrated BYOD solution for multiple devices.

CYOD & BYOD – the benefits

Appurity can help you deploy CYOD and BYOD policies that deliver compelling benefits to your organisation:

  • Your people are motivated and more productive because they have the freedom to work the way they work best
  • The consumer culture of collaboration, communication and interaction extends across your organisation as people work together using familiar protocols and interfaces
  • Smartphones and tablets can be integrated into your management environment
  • Your costs can be lowered because you do not have to invest in the latest devices for every worker
  • Your security posture can evolve to allow the secure delivery of enterprise applications to a diversity of managed devices
  • Full or selective wipe can be used to secure lost, stolen or retired devices
  • Enterprise services such as WiFi, email and VPN can be extended to personal devices, carrying security policies with them

Mobile app management

And it's not just about devices. BYOD means apps too, so your policy needs to take account of the way people are using apps while at work. We can help with the management of bespoke apps, as well as the management of apps purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) and Google Play for Android Enterprise. 

App library

If you want them to use your specified or bespoke apps, we can help you build an app library. This will allow you to ensure that everyone has the apps they need, while preventing unauthorised access to apps that are not appropriate for their role.

At the same time, you can control how their personal apps are used, preventing network access for those that are unsafe or unsuitable.

Remote wipe, selective wipe

If a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe all data from the device. Your team may prefer to sign up for a selective wipe policy, in which only sensitive company data is removed. Then, if the device is later recovered, the personal content is still there.

This kind of policy is particularly useful when someone leaves the company.

If the complexity of device management in a consumerised world is a challenge for your organisation, then leave it with us. We'll liberate you from the problems while keeping you in total control.

Liberation means giving your people the freedom to use their own devices and apps securely, so they can work the way they work best.

In the next five years, we believe the business landscape will once again have changed dramatically, driven by revolutionary technologies that are already shaping global culture and bringing down governments. We see this process of change as a liberation: for businesses, for users and for networks.

It’s an exciting concept. Find out more about Liberation as the hallmark of the next business generation.

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