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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Turn proliferation and BYO into manageable, productive assets.

EMM Services For iOS, Android & Windows

BlackBerry®, the iPhone®, the iPad®, Windows Phone 10® and Android® are more than engaging consumer devices; they are being used as powerful business tools that increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance mobility.

As a result, mobile device management is now as essential as network security and server optimisation.

Appurity's mobility experts have been working with smartphones and tablets from the earliest deployments. We've even taken our name in part from the phenomenon that came with them - the apps that are changing the way people collaborate and communicate.

  • Integrate smartphones, tablets and apps safely into your infrastructure
  • Run key elements of your existing business processes on smartphones
  • Extend the productive life of your key investments in applications
  • Bring a wide diversity of platforms into your management and control systems, without compromising security


Appurity can help you deploy BYOD and mobile device management policies that deliver compelling benefits to your organisation:

  • Your costs can be lowered because you do not have to invest in the latest devices for every worker
  • Your people are motivated and more productive because they have the freedom to work the way they work best
  • The consumer culture of collaboration, communication and interaction extends across your organisation as people work together using familiar protocols and interfaces
  • Smartphones and tablets can be integrated into your management environment
  • Your security posture can evolve to allow the secure delivery of enterprise applications to a diversity of managed devices
  • Full or selective wipe can be used to secure lost, stolen or retired devices

Enterprise services such as WiFi, email and VPN can be extended to personal devices, carrying security policies with them

If the complexity of device management in a consumerised world is challenge for your organisation, then leave it with us. We'll liberate you from the problems while keeping you in total control.