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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

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WiFi Security & Infrastructure

Switching, servers, storage, WiFi, cabling - everything depends on it.

We'll secure your infrastructure and make it work properly

Appurity provides everything you need for secure, reliable mobile working, in and out of the office.

  • Wireless LAN, including Aerohive controller-less WiFi security, with protection for the application layer
  • Network optimisation
  • End-to-end security - LAN, WAN, endpoint
  • Switching and routing
  • Storage networks
  • Network optimisation

Appurity will align your infrastructure with the needs of your organisation as it grows and evolves. Working with a deep understanding of your business and the way your people need to work, we'll make sure your infrastructure works now and is ready to scale and adapt.

Aerohive WiFi Security

Aerohive’s ‘honeycomb’ architecture for WiFi networks has been widely adopted on the basis of its inherent security, reliability and ease of management – you don’t need a dedicated controller. Aerohive deployments are designed for resilience; if one access point fails, coverage is automatically provided by the next available access points.

Bonjour networks

Appurity is part of the Apple Consultants Network, and we can provide secure deployments of Bonjour networking, allowing automatic discovery of devices and services. This includes Bonjour for Windows – Bonjour supports multiple operating systems and devices.