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Enterprise Network Access Points and Cloud-enabled Management

WiFi technology partner: Aerohive

Aerohive is revolutionising business WiFi with its controller-less architecture and cloud integration. We are helping customers to reduce the cost and complexity of their networks using Aerohive solutions. We're also optimising WiFi deployments, building on some of the key benefits of Aerohive technology:

  • No U-turns, bottlenecks or single points of failure
  • Flexible expansion — just add access points as your requirements grow
  • Superior branch performance and resilience
  • Real mesh support creates a self-healing network
  • Increased reliability and reduced cost, because no controllers are required
  • Advanced, value-added, cloud-based functionality
  • Simple licensing — almost everything you need is built into the system

Apple integration

Like Appurity, Aerohive is part of the Apple Consultants Network. The Aerohive team works closely with Apple and helped to design AirPrint™, Apple's driver-less printing architecture. Aerohive's Bonjour Gateway makes AirPlay® and AirPrint usable across large, multi-subnet networks, regardless of the underlying topology.

WiFi cloud integration

We are increasingly working with customers to help them integrate the cloud into their networking strategies. Aerohive WiFi solutions are optimised for cloud-enabled networking, making it easier for organisations to take advantage of the efficiencies, resilience and security provided by cloud services:

  • Less need for capital investment in servers and storage – move CAPEX to OPEX
  • Automatic upgrades, backup, and simplified provisioning
  • Requires no additional rack space or power consumption – good for your carbon footprint
  • An extra level of resilience for data centres
  • Easier and faster support, because you can manage the full deployment from anywhere
  • Highly scalable – the cloud adapts to the demands of the business
  • More network flexibility – access robust network services anywhere, on-demand

Appurity's WiFi optimisation service gives you the network capabilities and the control you need to make WiFi a flexible and dependable asset. It will also allow you to manage the growing mass of connections, and ensure security policies are in place to protect the network and the connecting devices, whether they are issued by you, or belong to your users.

Please contact us to find out more about Aerohive’s solutions for scalable, manageable WiFi, optimised for unified communications and the cloud.