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WiFi Optimisation

Getting the most from your WiFi network

WiFi optimisation

Appurity's WiFi optimisation service gives you the network capabilities and the control you need to make WiFi a flexible and dependable asset.

  • Manage the growing mass of connections
  • Support and manage BYOD
  • Ensure security policies are in place to protect the network and the connecting devices
  • Make your WLAN secure, reliable, and unconstrained by bottlenecks or too much contention

Unified communications

WiFi may also present a bottleneck if you want to converge or consolidate your networks on a single infrastructure, especially if you're running voice services across your IP network.

Your WiFi can give you the Quality of Service you need to run voice-over-IP services. But if it began life as an extension of your wired data network, it may need some investment or adjustment to prepare it for IP telephony.

Appurity's specialists will audit your network and identify where any possible problems may lie. We can tell you what needs to be done to prepare your network for unified communications and, just as importantly, we won't commit you to expenditure you don't need.

BYOD readiness

BYOD – or, indeed, BYOx – has placed new kinds of demands on business networks. Your infrastructure needs to accommodate connections from all kinds of devices and operating systems.

Appurity’s BYOD readiness service audits the traffic and patterns of flow across your network, including printing and Internet consumption. It allows you to prepare your infrastructure for the new kinds of traffic, highlighting areas that need to be improved or adjusted to ensure the user experience is not affected.