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BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM)

BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly BES)

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BlackBerry UEM enables organisations to develop and manage enterprise-grade applications that can be quickly deployed to BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile devices. UEM is backwards compatible, so you have a single BlackBerry-secure platform to manage your entire mobile estate.

The BlackBerry UEM platform enhancements incorporates the following core capabilities:

  • View available updates for iOS devices
  • Security audit event logging
  • App categories
  • Device activation emails and compliance notification enhancements
  • Expanded device conditions in compliance profiles
  • Manage attestation for Samsung KNOX devices
  • Simplified management of Android for Work apps
  • New profile for Strong Authentication by BlackBerry

Other key platform enhancements features include:

iOS Management Enhancement

  • Specify per-app VPN for apps and app groups assigned to device groups
  • AppleActivation Lock

Android Management Enhancement

  • Organization notices are now supported for Android devices:
  • Security patches
  • Control which work space apps on Android for Work devices can use BlackBerry Connectivity

Samsung Management Enhancement

  • Samsung KNOX Management Enhancement
  • Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment.

Windows 10 Management Enhancement

  • Enterprise Data Protection for Windows 10 devices

How Appurity can help.

Appurity is a BlackBerry Mobile Management Partner (MMP), one of only two in the UK. We provide consultancy, design, development and delivery for all aspects of BlackBerry mobility, including bespoke app development.

We have extensive expertise in the deployment of compliant BlackBerry installations and devices in highly regulated environments, such as the legal and financial services professions.