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BlackBerry UEM Cloud

BlackBerry mobility management moves off the premises

UEM in the cloud gives you full enterprise mobility management services without the need for on-premise equipment.

And some of the benefits of BlackBerry enterprise mobility management are also available in the cloud. BlackBerry UEM Cloud gives you visibility and control of all devices, with no need for server installation.

  • Ideal for growing businesses that don’t want the capital cost and management overhead of on-premise hardware
  • Affordable, with no capex – just a predictable and manageable subscription – and low TCO
  • Provides BlackBerry-class UEM and security for iOS, Samsung KNOX, Android and Windows Phone devices – as well as BlackBerry

Instant EMM  

BlackBerry UEM Cloud can be in control of your mobile estate within minutes. The web-based interface allows you to deploy your EMM as soon as you have registered.

Management for applications, services and devices

With UEM Cloud you can consolidate your management requirements and manage workflows on a single EMM platform. Applications, carrier services, cloud services and devices can all be managed through the UEM Cloud interface.


Flexible EMM with UEM Cloud is ideal for COPE (corporate-owned-personally-enabled) and bring-your-own-device policies.

You can reduce management costs, and save time for pressured IT teams, by giving employees the freedom to activate and reset device passwords, or lock, wipe or disable a device that has been lost.

Easy migration

Migrating to BlackBerry UEM Cloud is simple, even if you have EMM from another vendor. With no server installation, you simply sign up and use the wizard provided to complete the process, including installing an APN certificate for management of iOS devices, and creating an email profile.

Security and control

BlackBerry UEM Cloud gives you complete control over how devices connect to your network, as well as their capabilities and the apps they are allowed to use.

High availability

As a cloud-hosted EMM service, UEM Cloud is maintained by BlackBerry. You have maximum uptime for your device, application and service management, without the overhead of time and cost of managing the service yourself. 

Talk to Appurity about BlackBerry UEM Cloud

Appurity is a BlackBerry Managed Mobility Partner (MMP). We provide consultancy, design, development and delivery for all aspects of BlackBerry mobility, including bespoke app development.

We have extensive expertise in the deployment of compliant BlackBerry installations and devices in highly regulated environments, such as the legal and financial services professions.