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Android for Work

It’s Android for business, BYOD and COPE environments

Here’s a solution to the headache of enterprise mobility management for Android. Android for Work gives users a work profile that separates apps approved for work from personal apps.

It’s ideal for corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) policies and BYOD. IT teams have the control they need to protect corporate data. Users can be sure that their personal content remains private.

If you believe the analysts, the majority of users connecting their own devices to your network will have Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can bring them into the safe and managed environment of your enterprise mobility management deployment.

Secure your Lollipop & Marshmallow

Android for Work is built-in to the fabric of both the Lollipop and Marshmallow operating system. It’s part of a number of security upgrades introduced by Google to make Android more suitable for use as an enterprise work tool.

These include default encryption and protection against brute-force password attacks, but it's Android for Work that really unlocks the platform as a secure and manageable BYOD and COPE environment.

Within Lollipop and Marshmallow, Android for Work needs to be managed through a multi-platform enterprise mobility management system. MobileIron or BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (BES12) are ideal for this.

10 key features of Android for Work

  • Containerisation within the OS – work and personal apps and data are completely separate
  • Selective wipe for BYOD – remove work content without touching personal content
  • Consistency – a secure work container that works across Android devices from different manufacturers
  • Simple set up for users – silently install and remove work apps and specify app configurations within the MobileIron console
  • No sideloading – New APIs within Google Play prevent unauthorised installation of rogue apps within the work container
  • Copy and paste restrictions – you can prevent copying, pasting and screen grabs from within the Android for Work container
  • Secure apps – Android for Work includes a suite of productivity apps that can be managed and secured within the container
  • Mixed environments – with the app for Android 4.0, not everyone needs Lollipop to benefit from Android at Work
  • Containerised VPN – users are spared the imposition of a device-wide VPN, because it's only needed for the work container
  • Google Play for Work

Deploying Android for Work with Appurity

Whether you want MobileIron or UEM/BES enterprise mobility management, Appurity can help you get maximum value and peace of mind from Android for Work.

We can help you bring it in to your existing EMM environment, or find the right solution for you. We have extensive experience of rolling out BYOD, COPE and COBO (corporate owned, business only) deployments, from usage and needs analysis, to implementation and management.

Our knowledge and expertise extends to highly regulated professions, with heavy compliance requirements, such as the legal and financial consultancy sectors.

If you want Android for Work, we'll make it work for you.