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Mobile compliance: Government/CESG and corporate regulation

Making sure your devices and networks are compliant as well as secure

Appurity works in some of the most highly regulated areas of business and government. We can advise on compliance with legal, financial, government and other areas of regulation and governance.

BlackBerry is recognised as a secure, regulation-ready platform, with devices and management that conform to the most stringent security and audit-trailing requirements.

MobileIron also provides high levels of security and tight control for Android and iOS devices. We can guide you to the right level of compliance, simplifying the management of multiple devices and platforms, even if you have bring-your-own policies.

High security device management

We recommend BlackBerry where granular control over device features is required, especially if you have corporate-only use or application management policies. 

BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 12 with Regulated-level Enterprise Mobility Management, combine to provide the ultimate device management solution for government and regulated environments.

When a BlackBerry 10 device is managed through BES12 with the Gold level EMM option, you can deploy a corporate-only use model where device features and capabilities, including social media feeds and public application access, can be turned off.

Or you can create a managed Personal Space on the device through BlackBerry Balance. This allows users to make the most of their device for personal use, while the enterprise retains full device control and all work related content is fully protected within the Work Space.

Mobile compliance: Government/CESG and corporate regulation

Regulated-level enterprise mobility management from BlackBerry enables BlackBerry® 10 smartphones to comply with government and regulated environments that require a higher degree of control over devices. If you’re wondering what CESG means for your organisation, you’ll find answers here.

Government and CESG compliance

The Government has recently published fresh guidelines covering network and device security. They cover issues such as assured protection for data-in-transit and data-at-rest, authentication of users and devices, and security policy enforcement. 

Click here for more information.

Appurity can help with all aspects of compliance policy and security, including CESG compliance and deploying mobiles in strictly regulated environments such as financial services. 

We have security-cleared consultants, who take a consultative approach to identify the security level and key requirements. Our approach begins with a thorough risk assessment, including access risks associated with NFC, Bluetooth, mobile phone cameras and other points of vulnerability.

As cross platform specialists, we can advise on CESG compliance for BlackBerry 5, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 12, iOS and Android. Our solutions address all the key issues around CESG compliance, including:

  • Accessing data in transit and data at rest
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and consumerisation
  • Cold-boot attacks
  • Compromise of the operating system
  • Personal data and applications
  • Application whitelisting
  • Security policy enforcement 
  • Device update policy recommendations
  • Cost control and optimisation – no more, no less than you need

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