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Mobile Application Management

Secure mobile applications

Apps: getting down to serious mobile business

It's not really 'consumerisation' anymore. Smartphones, tablets and the apps they run are pretty well established as mainstream business tools. Companies have either committed to bring-your-own-device policies, or are rolling out devices and apps in their own right. And those that haven't are looking seriously at the options. Where business apps and mobile are concerned, it's when and how, rather than if.

Secure, managed apps

Mobile device management was the first priority for companies rolling out smartphones and tablets. But it's the apps that do the work and mobile application management is now high on the agenda.

The challenges are around security and control. Where you're allowing people to use their own apps for business, you need to be sure they present no risk to the network, or to your sensitive company data.

If you've rolled out your own suite of apps, including bespoke apps built specifically for your organisation, then you need to ensure that everyone who needs them can get them, and that they are being used properly.

Appurity, as our name suggests, can help with every aspect of mobile app security and management.

Deploying and managing apps

Before we start, we conduct a thorough analysis of the way you work to see exactly what you need from your mobile apps. Some of the key questions around mobile application management and deployment that we address include:

  • Third-party or bespoke apps? – choosing the best option, sorting out security
  • Data security and access control – data storage, working with cloud services, addressing compliance issues
  • Deploying apps – rolling out apps to corporate and employee-owned devices, creating and managing an app library, writing policies for app usage
  • App performance and monitoring – ensuring continuity when coverage is spotty, compressing data to minimise latency, supporting mission-critical apps
  • User support – who will provide the support? Line of business managers? IT helpdesk?
  • Updates and maintenance – automatically pushing updates to devices, policies for updating employee-owned devices
  • Removing apps, end-of-support and decommissioning – including removal of all relevant data

Our mobile application management service applies to all leading mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry – and can accommodate bring-your-own or company-controlled device deployments.

As a BlackBerry® BlackBerry Managed Mobility Partner & Platinum Enterprise Partner, we offer a full mobile application management solution for BlackBerry 10 devices, including the new BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint console. We can also help you secure your apps, their data and their connections to your network, with MobileIron solutions.

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