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Android for Work and MobileIron

Built-in support for enterprise mobility management for Android

MobileIron is the obvious choice for enterprise mobility management and the new Android for Work feature.

Both the Android for Work function within Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and the Android for Work app for earlier versions require multi-OS platforms for mobility management. MobileIron was the first provider to offer an enterprise app storefront for Android, together with BYOD privacy controls and certificate-based identity management.

The MobileIron platform also supports Samsung KNOX, providing further protection and management for Android.

  • Segregate work and personal data on Android devices
  • Enforce security and enable BYOD/COPE policies
  • Protect data at rest with encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) controls
  • Maintain user privacy and the native user experience
  • Manage apps and prevent sideloading of unauthorised programs 

True EMM for Android


Multi-device management is not just for BYOD environments. Many organisations now offer COPE policies and a choice of devices and platforms. With MobileIron multi-device management, users feel more in control of their own way of working, and of their personal content, while the organisation retains the security and management that protects the infrastructure and maintains compliance.


With the launch of Android for work, these big benefits are now fully available on the world's most widely used mobile platform.

The key feature of Android for Work is the built-in containerisation of work content. It means that files, apps and all work-related activities are kept entirely separate from personal activities. Within the corporately-managed container, you have total control over the usage and security of the device in relation to work, without compromising the user's privacy.

User experience

One of the key problems with BYOD and COPE policies is that imposing the right level of security and management on the device often compromises the user experience.

With Android for Work, the separation of work and personal content means that users get the full experience of their devices when using them for personal activities.

The slightly different experience presented when working within the Android for Work container is acceptable, because it's work-related and users understand the need for management and compliance.

Other key features of Android for Work

  • Selective wipe for BYOD – remove work content without touching personal content
  • Consistency – a secure work container that works across Android devices from different manufacturers
  • Simple set up for users – silently install and remove work apps and specify app configurations within the MobileIron console
  • Copy and paste restrictions – you can prevent copying, pasting and screen grabs from within the Android for Work container
  • Secure apps – Android for Work includes a suite of productivity apps that can be managed and secured within the container

Deploying MobileIron and Android for Work with Appurity

As part of the MobileIron Mobile First Ecosystem, Appurity is your single point of contact for the complete MobileIron platform, including mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile content management.

  • Design and deploy secure BYOD policies
  • Manage multiple mobile operating systems through a single portal

We'll help you get Android for Work working, for you and your team.