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MobileIron Access

Take control of your cloud

Many cloud deployments are like the Wild West. Once IT has given users access, it's almost impossible to control the apps and devices they're using, creating a lawless land of loopholes and back doors.

With MobileIron Access from Appurity, it's more like a NASA mission: everyone has exactly what they need to succeed, but IT has the command and control that ensures the cloud is a productive sea of tranquillity.

MobileIron reinforced

MobileIron Access is fully integrated with the MobileIron EMM platform. You can manage it through the same pane of glass.

It allows you to ensure that only trusted users, using trusted devices and running trusted apps and browsers, can connect to your cloud.

This protection is extended to third-party apps, which are a persistent problem with many cloud deployments.

While many users appreciate the freedom that the cloud gives them, too often they unintentionally abuse the privilege by using apps that fail to comply with corporate security policies.

Extend cloud policies beyond users

With MobileIron Access, you can implement cloud access control policies based on applications and browsers, IP addresses, user identities and the security posture of any device.

If a device has been compromised or jailbroken, or if it is outside EMM control altogether, you can prevent access to cloud services.

This is a unified solution, allowing you to control access and to secure business data, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Prevent data loss

MobileIron Access enables you to prevent data loss by establishing a data boundary for cloud apps on mobile devices.

Business data from cloud services is stored within MobileIron’s secure EMM container on the device. The business data is encrypted and cannot be shared with other apps that are outside the container.

More visibility

You can close the gap between mobile and cloud security and gain better visibility of the way enterprise cloud services are being used.

MobileIron Access provides in-depth reporting on usage of cloud services. You can track users easily, and see which devices, apps and browsers are being used to connect to your cloud services. Reports can also show details of policy violations and enforcement events.

Industry-standard simplicity

MobileIron Access is based on standard federation protocols, so you can easily secure your app ecosystems, including enterprise cloud services such as Box, Salesforce, Google Apps and Office 365.

There will soon come a time when we don't even talk about cloud. It will just be the way things are done.

Users will use the devices and apps they prefer to be more productive and efficient, while IT opex and capex are steadily reduced.

But that’s only possible with the right level of security and control. MobileIron Access is a major step forward along the path to the kind of cloud we'll be able to take for granted.

Consult Appurity

Appurity has been a MobileIron partner for more than five years, and we have extensive experience and expertise in designing and deploying solutions for organisations of every size.

We can help you integrate MobileIron Access with your existing security deployment, or roll out a complete EMM and unified threat management solution.