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BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

Single sign-on for cloud apps 

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry gives you single sign-on for cloud apps and simplified, single-screen management and control. If you’ve been wondering about securing the cloud for your organisation, this is a way to make it easier for you and your users.

Easy management: one screen

With Enterprise Identity, you can control and manage your organisation’s user identities and access to cloud apps through a single point. BlackBerry® Identity Proxy allows you to make secure use of existing directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, without having to copy or sync data to the cloud. You also have versatile reporting and auditing, which is ideal for compliance in highly regulated industries such as the legal or financial sectors.

No identity crisis: single sign-on

Delivering apps from the cloud is great for productivity until you have to juggle user names and passwords. With Enterprise Identity, single sign-on means once you’re in, you’re in – your identity gives to access to all the apps you need. Identity federation also lightens the load of managing identities across directory services and multiple identity systems – internal and external.

It’s BlackBerry, so it’s secure

The BlackBerry secure global infrastructure underpins Enterprise Identity. It’s built on a global identity and access management platform that secures more than 100 million identities, and hundreds of millions of identity transactions, every day. As the world goes mobile, you can trust BlackBerry to secure your identity infrastructure.

Easy to deploy

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry is standards-based and incorporates pre-federated services, keeping the need for specialist integration to a minimum. You can provide entitlement and access for users from all kinds of devices and platforms.

EMM integration: BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager

If you’re already running things on UEM/BES, Enterprise Identity makes life even easier. Identity and access control all becomes part of your BES12 environment, while users can avoid even the single sign-on process if they’re already logged in to the secure work space.

At Appurity, we’ve always seen security as an enabler of business mobility and productivity, rather than a restriction. Enterprise Identity from BlackBerry epitomises our approach, making life easier for users and managers and without compromising your network security.