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BlackBerry VPN

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry

This is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solution from BlackBerry that can replace clunky and expensive one-time password (OTP) tokens. VPN Authentication by BlackBerry works for iOS, Android™ or BlackBerry devices and provides a simple, lower-cost two-factor authentication solution.

Less kit, less cost

Hardware tokens are hardly in keeping with a mobile, agile business model. As well as making things simpler and easier for users, VPN Authentication by BlackBerry cuts down support costs by reducing the risk of error and lost tokens. No more synchronisation problems or PIN resets.

Secure and ready to grow with you

This is an on-premise installation, with Active Directory integration. It’s quick and simple to deploy, giving you control over VPN access and simplifying the configuration of user profiles. VPN Authentication by BlackBerry runs alongside your existing access solutions; you can support VPN access requirements for other devices in the usual way.

Authentication your way

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry is highly customisable to match your in-house policies and requirements. You can tailor the levels of authentication for different user groups, choosing device or Active Directory credentials as the first factor – including the time and place of entry. Then a single click on the smartphone is all that is needed.

BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (BES) integration

Naturally, VPN Authentication by BlackBerry slots seamlessly into a UEM Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) deployment. The secure BlackBerry global infrastructure and mobile device management capabilities reinforce the robust and yet simplified authentication process.

Secure Productivity Bundle from BlackBerry

This bundle brings together VPN Authentication by BlackBerry and BBM Protected to provide protection for data at rest and in transit, while giving users seamless access from multiple devices to the data they need. It’s about strong security enabling the freedom to be more mobile and more productive.