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BlackBerry Workspaces

Business Collaboration & Secure File Sharing from Appurity

Control access to your files and documents

BlackBerry acquired market leading file-sync-and-share (EFSS) company WatchDox which has now been integrated with BlackBerry UEM as "Workspaces".

BlackBerry Workspaces is an enterprise file sync and share solution (EFSS) giving controlled access to documents on the web, desktop or mobile devices – online and offline.

If you’re familiar with applications like Dropbox, then you’ll have an idea of what Workspaces can do. Except that Workspaces offers enterprise-grade security and management.

Gartner frames the problem

A recent Gartner report looked at EFSS solutions and highlighted some of the challenges that organisations face with the rise of consumer solutions such as Dropbox:

  • “Consumer-grade file sync and share (FSS) solutions are a risk to most organisations' sensitive data. Solutions exist to reclaim control over the syncing and sharing of sensitive data within and beyond the borders of the organisation…”
  • “Many enterprises are discouraging employee use of consumer-oriented FSS solutions (eg Dropbox). They want to replace them with enterprise-grade solutions that support enterprise dashboards, work with identity directories, offer increased security and supply a robust set of APIs…”
  • “Market volatility and large differences in functionality, architecture and technology, render the selection and deployment process of enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solutions complex…”

Source: Gartner Report: ‘ Use These Best Practices to Deploy a Private Enterprise-Class File Sync and Share Service’

What you can do with Workspaces

  • Access, synchronise, share and control files on leading mobile platforms: iOS, Android and BlackBerry
  • View documents on web, desktop (Windows and Mac) and mobile devices with flawless rendering
  • Share documents securely with colleagues, partners and other third parties while maintaining the ability to wipe them at any time – even after they have been downloaded
  • Expire access to files and documents after a project deadline, or dynamically when a user leaves the organisation
  • Gain visibility into how users are accessing sensitive data and what they do with it, maintaining an audit trail for compliance
  • Control recipients copying, editing, printing or forwarding documents and apply watermarks
  • Seamlessly integrate with your enterprise systems, including Outlook, SharePoint, and proprietary applications
  • Implement enterprise-level security for mobile devices (including strong passcode, remote document wipe, full tracking, always-on AES-256 encryption and key chain security)

EFSS for mobile

Workspaces was built to secure information across networks that are increasingly shaped by mobile working and the cloud. It has been designed to provide the granular, flexible and powerful security required by IT teams, while still delivering an elegant and intuitive user experience across the desktop, mobile devices and tablets.

Our consultants can help you review your EFSS requirements and show you how Workspaces can contribute to your collaboration strategy. Complete the form below and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs.

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