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Support: Device

Complete support solutions for mobiles, tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.

Support devised specially for devices - BlackBerry®, Apple®, Android®, Windows Phone® and more...

Appurity offers support and maintenance contracts that make special provision for supporting today's highly personalised devices. We can tie the essentials of a contract in with specific policy enforcements that impose clear responsibilities on individuals to maintain their devices properly.

Strong security

Our device support and maintenance helps to ensure that all the devices that attach to your network are strong links and will not compromise the security or performance of the infrastructure. We can also help to keep operational costs to a minimum, with less unplanned downtime and minimal disruption if a device is lost, stolen or fatally damaged.

  • Partition-based contracts providing clear delineation of cover - you are not responsible for personal data or applications on BYOD devices
  • Central license management - track and control licences on corporate and BYOD devices to minimise the risk of infringement
  • Remote wipe to prevent loss of sensitive data in the event of loss or failure of a device
  • Inventory and management service - keep track of who has which device and what apps and services they are running
  • Patching, management and upgrades - centralised, push technology can avoid the need to maintain each device individually

BlackBerry Technical Support services

As a BlackBerry BlackBerry Managed Mobility Partner, Appurity offers a full BlackBerry Technical Support service.


  • 24x7 Telephone and electronic support (90 second target pick up time, 2 hour response time for electronic submission)
  • Five named callers
  • Open Session training discount
  • BlackBerry Software Assurance


  • 24x7 telephone and electronic support (90 second target pick up time, 1 hour response time for electronic submission)
  • Support Account Manager
  • Tier 3 Direct Advanced Response Team (DART) access
  • Onsite training
  • 15 named callers
  • Planning and preventative optional services available
  • BlackBerry Software Assurance

BlackBerry Care Support* is now included as standard with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 deployments running Annual Client Access Licenses. BlackBerry Care Support provides electronic access to technical experts for two named contacts, with a Next Business Day response, as well as access to training and productivity & diagnostic tools.

To find out more about BlackBerry Technical Support services from Appurity, complete the form below.

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