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Secure, optimised mobile solutions for the liberated future

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Support: Security

Network security for the life and breadth of your infrastructure.

Viruses, hacking attacks, denial of service: it could be you. With Appurity, it probably won't be.

Appurity protects your networks, devices, applications and IP with a true centre-to-endpoint design, deployment and management service, encompassing networks, servers and fixed and mobile devices.

  • Threat assessment - internal and external
  • Security audit and penetration testing
  • Security policy and solution design
  • Deployment and enforcement
  • Security for smartphones and tablets, including BYO devices
  • Application firewalls and mobile device management
  • Remote wipe for lost or failed devices
  • Push upgrades, updates and patching
  • Central management and control - no need to patch each device
  • Testing for regulatory and data protection compliance
  • Security partnership - integrate your own security provision with specialist services from Appurity

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