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The post-perimeter era of employee mobility requires a brand-new approach to security.

The foundation of this approach is ‘zero-trust’

The ‘trust no one’ model will give your workers more flexibility regarding when and where they log on. It also means that the people responsible for maintaining security across your organisation can retain control by verifying everything – and everyone – that tries to connect to your systems, before granting anyone access.

Our clients are increasingly adopting a zero-trust approach

Appurity through our technology partners can help you to bring a zero-trust policy into your organisation. So that only your trusted users and devices can access sensitive and restricted files and applications. To help organisations like yours thrive in the post-perimeter era, we are firmly focused on delivering critical security services for all endpoints – based on an assumption of zero-trust.

Industry-leading partnerships

The Appurity team comprises cross-platform mobility specialists with a wealth of experience. We are leading the field when it comes to security in the post-perimeter mobile era. This is recognised by our industry leading technology partners

MobileIron - mobile security solutions
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Aerohive - Enterprise of Things
Android Enterprise Recommended
Check Point Security Partner

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Why Appurity?

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Our endpoint control solutions give your people the freedom they need to be more innovative, responsive and productive.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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