The rise of virtual meetings

23 April 2020

At the beginning of March, before the Covid-19 crisis was declared a pandemic, Appurity and MobileIron joined forces for an event at Google’s office in Kings Cross London.

At these well-attended, well-received sessions, with a mixed audience from a range of verticals, we discussed how Android Enterprise and MobileIron enhance mobile security. We also looked at how to create work profiles to keep the workforce’s personal and work-related data separate. And we finished with a review of Appurity’s Mobile App Security Testing Service.

Regarding what was happening with Covid-19, and predicting that people could be working from home anytime soon after this event, we emphasised the need for security for homeworking setups during our presentations.

The lead up to lockdown

The week after the event at Google, we were back in London for the British Legal Technology Forum (BLTF) where we teamed up with Lookout to discuss the range of mobile-based risks based on current threats, vulnerabilities and behaviours.

In terms of attendance, we noticed a marked difference at this event, and compared to the previous year footfall was lower. This was probably because many companies had by now implemented non-essential travel restrictions. Most people we spoke to at the event already worked in London.

We had our last customer meeting on Friday 13th March. Then on the 23rd, the Government announced its lockdown measures. Appurity had taken the decision that our staff were to work safely and securely from home before the formal lockdown was put in place. As a mobile technology company that started out as a home-based company, working remotely is second nature to everyone at Appurity.

Virtual expertise

Of course, all Appurity events until the Government restrictions are lifted will be virtual meetings and demos.

We already have a series under way

Session 1 – The Concept (30 minutes)

For starters, we’ll be looking at the idea behind the specific solution we are discussing. So, you gain a full understanding about why the product was developed and how it came into being. This will give you a valuable professional insight that you won’t find with a Google search.

Session 2 – The Demonstration (60 minutes)

Next, we provide a deep-dive into how the solution works, ably assisted by the people who developed it. If you are considering any of the above security products, this session will be invaluable in helping you to make the most of all the features, and to ensure the greatest results for your business.

You may be experiencing virtual meeting overload right now. But rest assured, these are unique and insightful sessions. Each meeting comprises two parts, which are held on different dates to give you time to digest the wealth of rich information we’ll be delivering.

Appurity Virtual Meetings and Demonstrations

We’d be delighted if you could join us for one of more of our virtual meetings.

In the meantime, check out our second blog: Virtual meeting etiquette.

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