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The hyper-connected world is evolving. By 2020, Gartner estimates that more than 20 billion devices will be connected.

The good news is, our solutions have evolved too. Our bespoke end-to-end security solutions are being used by organisations all over the world and across all major operating systems. We offer a range of EoT solutions designed to protect your enterprise and your people at every stage and every level.

Enterprise of Things

This EoT platform for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity. Spark lets you easily integrate enterprise-grade communications and data sharing directly into your apps, and embed secure communications between your IoT devices.

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Enterprise of Things

The mobile IT platform designed to protect Enterprise of Things data on-device and on the move. MobileIron is designed to secure your enterprise with a multi-cloud, multi-OS security architecture that puts your people first.

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Enterprise of Things

Ready your Wi-Fi network for mobile users, devices, apps and the Enterprise of Things. Aerohive solutions are built to help you reduce the cost and complexity of today’s networks with intelligent and secure Wi-Fi solutions.

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The hyper-connected business landscape

Today’s enterprises run on 1,000+ connected devices. In the Enterprise of Things, these connected devices play a critical role in enabling day-to-day business capabilities and functionality. In other words, you need to EoT to function. What’s more, in the EoT era you can transform your network of devices into actual business advantage. This requires a proven platform of technology solutions engineered to work together seamlessly and automatically. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your EoT-driven business. We focus on security, connectivity, availability, cost reduction, and scalability.

Moving from ‘Mobile-first’ to ‘Thing-first’

“The growth of EOT is inevitable. The way technology is moving forward, every device is becoming smarter. But hackers are becoming smarter too. That’s why we deliver highly secure EoT solutions that make our clients connected and protected.”

Steve Whiter, Director, Appurity LLP

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Why Appurity?

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Our endpoint control solutions give your people the freedom they need to be more innovative, responsive and productive.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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We’re dedicated to optimising and securing your networks to protect your organisation from threats.

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