What we discussed at the Appurity and Lookout Workshop 2019

30 May 2019

Deeper insights into the security threat landscape.

This month, Appurity and Lookout joined forces to run an insightful workshop for clients and interested parties from across the legal and financial sectors.

We investigated the ever-changing security threat landscape. Then demonstrated how Lookout delivers powerful solutions that help organisations to close the mobile data security gap.

“33% of all malware attacks are on a mobile. Mobile devices have created new opportunities for cyber criminals.”

Attacks are constantly evolving

During the hands-on workshop the Appurity and Lookout experts reviewed a broad range of attack vectors and explained how Lookout provides powerful protection against phishing, and malware.

The workshop also covered man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. In these events, the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters communications between two parties who believe they’re directly communicating with each other. Again, we clearly demonstrated how Lookout mitigates such threats.

Nation state originated threats

Following the timely news about the recent WhatsApp breach, we provided guidance into how Lookout would have helped to mitigate the attack.

Lookout is specifically designed to provide protection against app-based risks. So, it would have immediately identified devices running the vulnerable WhatsApp app, which allowed Pegasus spyware to gain access.

Apps are the main way that sensitive data is accessed on mobile devices. Fortunately, Lookout’s app analysis technology is powered by intelligence from over 40 million iOS and Android apps. Lookout’s data collection gives them the edge. No other vendor can match this capability.


To round off the workshop, we provided a live demonstration of app installation and registration through our enterprise mobile management services.

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If you missed this valuable workshop, fear not! We’re running a free WebEx on 18th June: Mobile Phishing – Myths and facts facing every modern organisation.

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